The biodiversity of plants from Madagascar and Réunion as a source of active molecules against the dengue virus

The objective of the PHYTODENGUE project is to valorize the plant biodiversity of Réunion and Madagascar through the discovery, identification, and characterization of selective natural molecules against dengue, which is a major arbovirus in global human health.

The specific objectives of the project are:
- Identification of molecules with pharmaceutical interest (candidate drugs against the dengue virus, derived from local biodiversity).
- Establishing a structure-activity relationship based on structural modification of the identified active molecules.

The research program is part of an innovative approach to valorize regional traditional pharmacopeia and is aligned with a regional policy focused on the valorization of plant biodiversity and the development of plant-based medicinal products.

Among the 14,500 extracts in the ICSN extract bank, a little over 1,200 extracts were prepared from 750 plant species native to Madagascar and 330 are derived from 178 plants from the island of Réunion. These 1,530 extracts formed the initial collection from which chemical and biological studies were conducted.

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Project duration : July 2021- Dec 2022
Geographical area : Reunion, Madagascar
Funding : FEDER INTERREG Océan Indien
Global budget : 380 k€
Amount for PIMIT : 380 k€
PIMIT coordinator : Chaker EL KALAMOUNI (PI)
Partners :
LIA Étude et valorisation de la biodiversité malgache, CHEMBIOPRO, UMR PVBMT, ICSN
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