Dana AL HALABI. 2024-2027. University of Reunion Island.
 Impact of genomic variation on the virulence, transmission, and diagnosis of Flaviviruses.
Supervisors : Dani OSMAN & Patrick MAVINGUI.

Anjaranirina Koloina RAKOTOARIMANANA. 2023-2026. University of Reunion Island & University of Antananarivo.
 Chemical and biological characterization of secondary metabolites active against dengue arbovirus from Malagasy medicinal plants.

Zéba VALLY. 2023-2026. University of Reunion Island.
 Epidemiological consequences of the alteration of bird communities by invasive exotic species in Réunion Island.
Supervisors : Camille LEBARBENCHON & Alexandre VILLERS.

Loïk SABABADICHETTY. 2023-2026. University of Reunion Island.
 Emergence and dynamics of dissemination of carbapenemase-producing antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the Southwest Indian Ocean.
Supervisors : Patrick MAVINGUI & Guillaume MILTGEN.

Laure KAMUS. 2023-2025. University of Reunion Island.
 Epidemiology of invasive fungal infections in the general population and in immunocompromised patients in Reunion Island and impact of antifungal resistance.
Supervisors: Patrick MAVINGUI & Fanny LANTERNIER.

Victoria CARCAUZON. 2022-2025. University of Reunion Island.
 Epidemiology of sylvatic plague in Madagascar.
Supervisor: Pablo TORTOSA.

Rachel LEONG. 2022-2025. University of Reunion Island.
 Conditions for the emergence of viral zoonoses: focus on the interaction between bats and the Reunion population
Supervisors: Camille LEBARBENCHON.

Daed El SAFADI. 2022-2024. University of Reunion Island.
 Characterization of circulating exosomes during severe forms of Dengue and the study of their role in endothelial dysfunction and that of the blood-retinal barrier.
Supervisor: Pascale KREJBICH.

Dana MACHMOUCHI. 2021-2024. University of Reunion Island.
 Preventing and controlling infectious risk of contemporary African Zika virus strains.
Supervisor: Philippe DESPRES.

Patrick CARRIERE RICHEZ. 2021-2024. University of Reunion Island.
 Chemodiversity and anti-infectious potential of plants derived from Reunionese biodiversity.
Supervisors: Anne GAUVIN-BIALECKI et Chaker EL KALAMOUNI.

Damien VAGNER. 2021-2024. University of Reunion Island.
 Study of the immune response during the acute phase of leptospirosis infection.
Supervisor: Loïc RAFFRAY.

Tatiana BARBAR. 2020-2023. University of Reunion Island.
 Biology and evolution of the tripartite interaction: Aedes albopictus-Dengue-Wolbachia.
Supervisors: Patrick MAVINGUI, Zakaria KAMBRIS, Dani OSMAN.

Layla EL KAMALI. 2020-2023. University of Reunion Island / Lebanese University.
 Exploration of antiviral intestinal responses using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism.
Supervisors: Chaker EL KALAMOUNI et Dani OSMAN.

Sarah HAFSIA. 2018-2023. University of Reunion Island.
 Microbial multi-infection in mosquitoes: Consequences for the transmission of dengue virus by Aedes albopictus in Reunion Island.
Supervisors: Patrick MAVINGUI et Célestine ATYAME NTEN.

Defended thesis

Samantha AGUILLON. 2020-2023. Role of the ecology and population dynamics of the Reunion Free-tailed bat in the circulation of infectious agents. Supervisors: Muriel DIETRICH & Patrick MAVINGUI.

Grégorie LEBEAU. 2021-2023. Host-pathogen interactions: influence of cellular metabolism on the antiviral response directed against Flaviviruses. Supervisor: Wildriss VIRANICKEN.

Jason DECOTTER. 2019-2022. Biology of emerging flaviviruses Zika and Dengue: importance of the structural protein M. Supervisors: Gilles GADEA et Philippe DESPRES.

Alawiya RESLAN. 2022. Impact of metabolic diseases on the evolution of arboviral infections: example of diabetes and Zika virus infection. Supervisors: Gilles GADEA et Jean-Loup BASCANDS.

Fenia RAMIHARIMANANA. 2022. Valorization of extracts from Malagasy medicinal plants in the fight against Dengue virus. Supervisor: Chaker EL KALAMOUNI.

Eva OGIRE. 2022. The NS1 protein from the epidemic strain Reunion 2018 of Dengue virus serotype 2: consequences of viral infection on human hepatic cells. Supervisor: Marjolaine ROCHE.

Axel HOARAU. 2022. Viral co-infection dynamics in bats from the south-western Indian ocean. Supervisors: Camille LEBARBENCHON et Patrick MAVINGUI.

Léa JOFFRIN. 2019. Ecology and evolution of coronaviruses in bat populations of the islands in the western Indian Ocean. Supervisors: Camille LEBARBENCHON et Patrick MAVINGUI.

Sandra BOS. 2019. Understanding the viral molecular factors involved in Zika virus pathogenicity in humans. Supervisors: Gilles GADEA et Marie-Lise GOUGEON.

Marie-Elodie CLAIN. 2018. Valorization of eco-extracts from medicinal plants in the fight against emerging viral diseases in the Indian Ocean. Supervisor: Chaker EL KALAMOUNI.

Colette CORDONIN. 2018. Virulence and host specificity of endemic pathogenic leptospires from Madagascar and its neighboring islands. Supervisors: Pablo TORTOSA et Marjolaine ROCHE.

Etienne FRUMENCE. 2016. Cellular response to infection by arboviruses Sindbis and Zika. Effects of an environmental factor: Cadmium. Supervisor: Marjolaine ROCHE et Pascale GUIRAUD.

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