Science for all

Transmitting, raising awareness, sparking curiosity, and entertaining people about Ecology, Biodiversity, and Health Sciences is a major activity of the UMR PIMIT, whose scientific popularization efforts are aimed at all audiences. Find here our latest interventions with schools, as well as on radio, TV, print media, along with our conferences, films, and videos.

Nature Meetings

Organized by the Department of Reunion Island from October 14th to 29th, 2023, the conservation of the Reunion Free-tailed bat is highlighted through the discovery of a remarkable natural site studied by researchers from the UMR PIMIT.

La Fête de la Science

2023 Edition | What could be more breathtaking than a bat? Come and discover the fascinating world that surrounds them, and step into the shoes of a researcher!

The European Researchers Night

2023 Edition | The researcher's tarot - In a cozy atmosphere, researchers offered the Reunionese public a tarot card reading to gradually unveil the object of their research on the Dengue virus and bats.

Pint of Science

Tatiana BARBAR was the guest of Antenne Réunion to talk about her participation in the 2023 edition of Pint of Science, in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, and to explain her research on mosquitoes and Wolbachia bacteria!

Three Minute Thesis - MT 180

Every year, our PhD students participate in the French "Three Minute Thesis" competition. Two doctoral students have already qualified for the national final!!

Tatiana BARBAR – 2023 Edition
Samantha AGUILLON – 2022 Edition
Daed EL SAFADI – 2023 Edition
Jason DECOTTER – 2022 Edition
Jonathan TURPIN – 2020 Edition

Léa JOFFRIN – 2019 Edition

Sandra BOS – 2017 Edition

Roundtable " Women in Science"

On International Women's Rights Day, March 8, 2023, Samantha AGUILLON was a guest at a roundtable organized by the Stella Matutina Museum and the University of La Réunion.

In the media

Passion for micro-organisms

"Six pieds sur Terre," a podcast by Courrier international and the Agence Française de Développement, interviews Patrick MAVINGUI, Research Director at CNRS, about his research in health ecology.

Reunion Free-tailed bats, viruses and research

The research conducted by Muriel DIETRICH, Researcher at IRD, and Camille LEBARBENCHON, Associate Professor at the University of Reunion Island, on bats, is highlighted through photos by Thibaut VERGOZ and an audio slideshow produced by IRD Audiovisual (Director: Franck Grangette).

Medicinal plants and infectious diseases

Chaker EL KALAMOUNI, Professor at the University of Reunion Island, is the guest of Health Talks, to explain how plants and ethnopharmacology can help treat emerging diseases.

Does understanding the natural cycle of microbes help prevent pandemics?

Pablo TORTOSA, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Reunion Island, responds to Christophe PORLIER on the YouTube channel of the Digital University in the Reunion Region.

Promising Reunionese plants for treating Dengue

The registration of 19 endemic or indigenous medicinal plants from Reunion Island in the French pharmacopoeia served as the basis for research initiated by Chaker EL KALAMOUNI, Professor at the University of Reunion Island and guest on Antenne Réunion.

logo actu environnement - Altereo

"The problem does not come from animal species but from the environmental changes resulting from our activities."

In an interview for Actu Environnement, Camille LEBARBENCHON, Associate Professor at the University of Reunion Island, explains how human pressures on biodiversity promote the emergence of zoonoses and increase the risk of health disasters.

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