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Photo credits:

  • Pteropus bat in a tree (01_PHOTO1_MG_8526.jpg), © PIMIT
  • Mosquito on a flower (02_PHOTO2_IMG_1935_DxO_C.Lebon.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • Microscopy of Drosophila cells (03_PHOTO3_Lipid_Droplets_Drosophila_Intestine.jpg), © PIMIT, Dani OSMAN
  • Trees and waterfalls (biodiversite-20180313_GrotteFrancais_Photo1-rotated.jpg), © Muriel DIETRICH
  • Tubes with blue and purple caps (05_PHOTO5_IMG_20230517_152733.jpg), © Muriel DIETRICH
  • Fieldwork team (IMG-20240214-WA0003.jpg), © NOI, Jérémie SOUCHET
  • Tubes on a yellow rack (IMG_0184-1-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Zéba VALLY
  • Water pond and vegeation background (IMG_1959-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Zéba VALLY
  • A cryotube filled with pink medium (IMG_8957-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Zéba VALLY
  • A bat from New Zealand (Long-tailed-batEglinton-Valley-Photo-Colin-ODonnell-1.jpg), © Colin O'DONNELL
  • Palm trees and water (Sans-titre-1024x416.jpg), © PIMIT
  • Oral swab on a brown noddy (49_PHOTO49_CL-1-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Camille LEBARBENCHON
  • A cave in the vegetation (55_PHOTO55_IRD_077657_ORI-edited.jpg), © IRD, Thibaut VERGOZ
  • Work on mosquito cages (52_PHOT52IMG-20230519-WA0005-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Célestine ATYAME
  • PCR tubes with green medium (IRD_077579_ORI-1-1333x2000.jpg), © IRD, Thibaut VERGOZ
  • A bat in a mistnet (51_PHOTO51_IRD_077674_ORI-1-2000x1333.jpg), © IRD, Thibaut VERGOZ
  • Mosquito fieldwork (50_PHOTO50_C.Lebon_-1-edited-1000x1000.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • Microscopy of blue and green cells (57_PHOTO57-edited.png), © PIMIT, Pascale KREJBICH-TROTOT
  • Microscopy of Drosophila gut (58_PHOT58_asymb_n1_10dpi_i2-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Dani OSMAN
  • Fruit lies in a tube (IMG_6155-edited-1000x562.jpg), © PIMIT, Dani OSMAN
  • Zika virus with NS1 proteins (green) (African-ZIKV-NS1-protein-at-the-cell-surface.jpg), © PIMIT, Marjolaine ROCHE
  • A group of highly-aggregated bats (VIROPTERE_Camille-Lebarbenchon-2.jpg), © PIMIT, Camille LEBARBENCHON
  • Two glass tubes with fruit flies (67_PHOTO67_IMG_6148.jpg), © PIMIT, Dani OSMAN
  • Release of a bat (58_PHOTO58_SEXIBAT_IRD_077659_ORI.jpg), © IRD, Thibaut VERGOZ
  • An Eretmapodites mosquito (60_PHOTO60_IMG_1570_DxO.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • A malagasy forest (20230127_093846-edited.jpg), © Kayla KAUFFMAN
  • A malagasy forest landscape (20230127_123607-edited.jpg), © Kayla KAUFFMAN
  • A malagasy village (20230128_131302-1.jpg), © Kayla KAUFFMAN
  • A plate with green walls (plaques_labo_zoom.png), © PIMIT, Marjolaine ROCHE
  • Bat telemetry with antenna (IMG_20220621_172921.png), © PIMIT, Muriel DIETRICH
  • An antibiogram plate (71_PHOTO71_antibiogramme.jpg), © PIMIT, Guillaume MILTGEN
  • Mosquito larva collection in the lab (68_PHOT68_IMG-20230519-WA0014.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • A fruit bat licking water (DSC_8567_©-Lebarbenchon-1.jpg), © PIMIT, Camille LEBARBENCHON
  • A red-footed booby on a tree (SPILE_Camille-Lebarbenchon.jpg), © PIMIT, Camille LEBARBENCHON
  • The PLATIN-OI platform (49_PHOTO49_IMG_1608-1024x683.jpg), © PIMIT
  • Access doors of PLATIN-OI lab (50_PHOTO50_PLATIN-OI_Sas-Commun-2-1024x768.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • Access doors of PLATIN-OI lab (52_PHOTO52_IMG-20230519-WA0012-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • Mosquito rearing in PLATIN-OI lab (51_PHOTO51_IMG-20230519-WA0013-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Cyrille LEBON
  • Terre-Sainte campus (Campus-de-Terre-Sainte-1024x575_v2.webp):
  • Moufia campus (DIRCOM_2022_Bandeau-long_Universite_10-scaled_v2.webp):
  • Bat stand at Fête de la Science (54_PHOTO54_IMG_20211119_110629-edited.jpg), © PIMIT, Muriel DIETRICH
  • Researcher's tarot stand (IMG_6159-edited.webp), © PIMIT

Some additionnal illustrations were generated by artificial intelligence tools (Craiyon and Dall-e).

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