This unit regularly files patents as part of intellectual property management, with support from the supervising bodies of UMR PIMIT, Inserm-Transfert, and CNRS Innovation.

PCT/EP2021/081631. Us of the last C-terminal residues M31/41 of ZIKV M ectodomain for triggering apoptotic cell death (deposé en 2021). Service valorisation Inserm-Transfert

EP21305818. Peptides derived from the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and uses thereof for diagnosis and vaccine purposes (deposé en 2021). Service valorisation Inserm-Transfert

EP20305021. Antigenic reactivity of a peptide mimicking the glycan loop of flaviviruses envelope protein. (dépôt en 2020). Service valorisation Inserm-Transfert

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