Project  CYCLOPE

Development of a natural antiviral cyclopeptide.

The project focuses on the valorization of a new natural cyclopeptide, isolated from a plant, possessing potent antiviral activities against several medically important viruses. The objective is to design analogues with improved physicochemical properties while retaining a broad spectrum of antiviral activity.

In collaboration between PIMIT and ICSN, and funded by SATT Paris-Saclay, our maturation project aims to develop a series of analogues of an innovative natural antiviral cyclopeptide. Targeting a cellular protein, these molecules have shown potential against medically important viruses such as Zika, dengue, and SARS-CoV-2. The goal is to initiate a "hit to lead" process by conducting in vitro and in vivo tests on various cellular and in vivo models. The project also includes a pharmacological study of a lead compound, thus providing a solid foundation for future industrial partnerships.

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Project duration : Nov 2022 - Nov 2024
Geographical area : Reunion Island, Paris
Funding : SATT Paris Saclay
Global budget : 603 k€
Amount for PIMIT : 250 k€
PIMIT coordinator : Chaker EL KALAMOUNI (PI)
Partners :
Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ICSN) – UPR 2301, CNRS – Université Paris-Saclay, SATT Paris Saclay
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