Emergence, circulation, and persistence of bacterial antibiotic resistance

The aim is to develop research on the resistomes of enterobacteria in Réunion through a One Health approach, allowing the identification of the emergence, circulation, and persistence of resistant strains in both hospital and environmental settings.

The project establishes, for the first time, a local partnership on antibiotic resistance, which is an emerging field relatively unexplored in Réunion. It will help consolidate existing collaborations in hospital-university research with the health services of the territory as well as with collaborators in metropolitan France. From a scientific perspective, the multidisciplinary One Health approach will enable the description of possible links between the hospital and environmental spheres in the transmission and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family. The comparative genomics component will facilitate the identification of bacterial taxa and the involved resistomes. The empirical data collected will aid in preventing the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance, as well as in controlling sources of contamination. Ultimately, the results will contribute to updating the messages delivered by Santé Publique France and the Indian Ocean Regional Health Agency (ARS) to public health decision-makers, physicians, and the general public.

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Project duration : 2020-2022
Geographical area : Reunion Island
Funding : FEDER 2014-2020: Région Réunion et Union Européenne
PIMIT coordinator : Patrick MAVINGUI
Partners :
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de la Réunion, Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, Besançon, Cyclotron Réunion Océan Indien
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