Biodiversity and Reunionese innovation for the treatment of infectious diseases

The name "TrétZerbaj" is composed from the Creole words "trétman" (medicine) and "zerbaj" (therapeutic herbal tea). It embodies a position at the intersection of therapeutic approaches and biodiversity, with roots in the natural as well as cultural heritage of La Réunion, illustrated by an innovative multidisciplinary methodology combining natural, medical, human, and social sciences.

The University of La Réunion (UR) and its partners, under the framework of the Overseas Innovation Plan (PIOM), lead the project "TrétZerbaj" as a flagship initiative for research, innovation, and development in the Réunion territory, with the mobilization of a wide range of partners and support from academic, public, economic, and territorial actors. The project will integrate, both in its conception and operational phases, the existing local strategy led by the Department of Réunion and local operators aiming to valorize aromatic, fragrant, and medicinal plants (PAPAM) of Réunion's biodiversity and to structure its stakeholders, one of the primary objectives being to enable better capture of added value by local operators.

TrétZerbaj falls within Theme 4 of the PIOM Call: "Preservation and Valorization of Natural Resources," which includes particular attention to aspects of combating infectious and tropical diseases and valorizing tropical biodiversity. It is at the intersection of these two aspects that TrétZerbaj lies, proposing valorization of tropical biodiversity through the generation of bio-products with objectively proven pharmacological efficacy against diseases specifically affecting the Réunion territory, notably arboviruses (dengue, chikungunya, Zika). It also aligns with Themes 2 - Circular Economy and 5 - Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Risks

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Project duration : Nov 2023- Sep 2027
Geographical area : Reunion & other countries of the Indian Ocean
Funding : SGPI France 2030
Global budget : 2.5 M€
Amount for PIMIT : 1 M€
PIMIT coordinator : Chaker EL KALAMOUNI (PI)
Partners :
UMR PVBMT, CYROI, Conseil Départemental de La Réunion, QUALITROPIC
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