Infectiology platform


The PLATIN-OI technical platform was designed to implement the most modern techniques, ranging from cell culture to insect manipulation, viral production, and animal model experimentation, in a high-security controlled lab environnment. Its purpose is to meet the legal and technical requirements for handling Class 3 viral pathogens hazardous to the environment or public health. PLATIN-OI is perfectly suited for studying vector-borne diseases and allows for experimentation on the entire transmission chain of arboviruses (Zika, Dengue). Safety, versatility, and scalability guided the design of PLATIN-OI, for which numerous equipments were specifically designed. This technical platform of the University of La Réunion was funded by FEDER funds (Europe, Region, State).

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4 confined laboratories physically interconnected

Level 2

for the breeding and manufacturing of mosquitoes

Level 3
Viral lab

for the study, in-vitro culture and manufacturing of viruses

Level 3

for conducting experimental viral infections on vector organisms, such as mosquitoes, to assess their vector competence and the influence of the associated microbiota

Level 3
Animal experimentation lab

to support animal experimentation and develop approaches in physiopathology using small vertebrates such as mice

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