Project  ZikApoNe

ZIKA Adiponectin Neurogenenesis

The project aimed to study the role of adiponectin signaling in Zika virus-induced neuropathogenesis and to identify the potentially protective effects of AdipoRon, an adiponectin analogue, an agonist of ADIPOR receptors, with the perspective of drug repositioning for the treatment of pregnant women living in endemic or epidemic areas of Zika virus.

The results of this study are available here: Distribution of Adiponectin Receptors in the Brain of Adult Mouse: Effect of a Single Dose of the Adiponectin Receptor Agonist, AdipoRON, on Ischemic Stroke Brain Sci. 2022, 12(5), 680;

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Project duration : Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
Geographical area : Reunion Island
Funding : University of Reunion Island (BIOST Federation)
Global budget : 18 k€
Amount for PIMIT : 9 k€
PIMIT coordinator : Pascale KREJBICH (PI)
Partners :
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