Structural and functional analysis of the NS1 protein of the dengue virus

The aim of the project is to study various NS1 proteins from circulating dengue viruses in the Indo-Pacific region through a biochemical and then biological approach to determine their pathogenicity.

This project analyzes the NS1 protein of DENV strains with particular attention to the so-called "Cosmopolitan" genotypes actively circulating in the Indo-Pacific region. DENV-2 Réunion has demonstrated the ability of "Cosmopolitan" lineages to spread in the Indian Ocean and especially to cause major epidemics among island populations. To date, little information is available on the biology and pathogenic potential of these "Cosmopolitan" DENV strains. Specifically, I have investigated the structure/function relationship of the viral NS1 protein to understand its role in the pathogenicity of dengue, particularly severe dengue.

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Project duration : 2022-2023
Geographical area : Australia
Funding : POE FEDER 2014-2020
Global budget : 16 071 €
Amount for PIMIT : 16 071 €
PIMIT coordinator : Marjolaine ROCHE (PI)
Partners :
Laboratoire de virologie structurale de Daniel WATTERSON, AIDRIC du centre de recherche australien en maladies infectieuses, Université du Queensland, Brisbane, AUS
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