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  • Pablo TORTOSA

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Professeur des universités
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Entomologie médicale, Biologie moléculaire, Evolution
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Rongeurs, Tiques, Puces, Moustiques, Petits mammifères terrestres, Bactéries leptospires, Rickettsia
Biographie :
I have been working in molecular bacteriology during my PhD (Paris, France), Post Doc (NYC, USA) and in La Réunion as Professor. The models I have been working on include Bacillus subtilis, Wolbachia pipientis and pathogenic Leptospira. This latter species is an environmental zoonotic pathogen that I have been extensively studying for the last 5-7 years. We have thus far described Leptospira diversity and biological cycles in most of the islands of the western Indian Ocean, showing fairly distinct transmission chains in the different insular ecosystems, including either introduced species/lineages or endemic bacteria that have co-evolved with their mammalian reservoirs. Beside pathogenic Leptospira, I am interested in developing innovative and environmental-friendly strategies for the control of the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus, using my academic experience in Wolbachia endosymbiotic bacteria.

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